We have put together a list of Facebook Groups that parents/carers may find useful.  Some of these groups are closed so you have to request to join and once this is approved you can view and comment on posts as well as posting to the groups page yourself.  Please familiarise yourself with the group rules and protocols as this is important.

If you know of any other groups that you feel may be useful to other parents/carers then please let Becky know:administrator@homestart-basildon.org.uk or phone 01268 550300

Basildon Mums and Dads—Parental Support, Social Outings, Selling Page for all parents local to Basildon Borough.


8 out of 10 Mums— Reviews of Days out and Places to go


8 out of 10 Mums Ask—For asking parenting questions


8 out of 10 M(um)-bay—For selling your baby and child bits


Family Support in Basildon and Surrounding Areas— A group set up to help those in need for baby/child items but are on benefits or a very low income.


Parents of ASD Kids ESSEX – a support group for parents/carers of children who have been diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, for those going through the diagnosis process or those who suspect that their child may be on the spectrum




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